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Evolution Auditions
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Directed by Elizabeth Boyce

Auditions 3 September, 2022 at 11am

Cast Requirements:

Mr Bennett—the only man in a household of women, he finds amusement in absurdity and enjoys annoying his wife.

Mrs Bennett—-wife and mother, her main goal in life is to chide her husband and marry off her daughters. A rather silly and over dramatic hypochondriac.

Jane Bennett—-eldest and prettiest daughter—she’s kind, idealistic, and wants to do the right thing.

Mary Bennett—-the third sister. She is sulky and dark, better suited for serious drama than romantic comedy. She plays piano and coughs to get peoples attention, which takes them by surprise. In a word: Goth.

Lydia Bennett—the youngest daughter—a lively girl, enthralled by the idea of romance and flirting. She captures the eye of Wickham.

Lizzy Bennett—second daughter, very clever and sharp witted, but easily flustered when she’s nervous. Does NOT want to get married, much to her mother’s annoyance. She is both attracted to and annoyed by:

Mr Darcy—-brooding and handsome, he prides himself on proper behavior and good judgment, but has no clue how to talk to people socially. He’s really really rich. He  has a secret annoyed crush on Miss Lizzy.

Mr Wickham —an unfairly handsome and charming man. Raised with Mr Darcy. Do not trust him.

Lady Catherine de Bourgh—a superior, snobbish beast of a woman who crushes anyone and anything in her way. Incredibly rich and plans to marry off her daughter.

Miss Anne de Bourgh—-a delicate girl who is completely wrapped in veils and shawls —allergic to sun and normal human contact. In love with Mr Darcy.

Mr Bingley—-good friend of Darcy. If a golden retriever were a human it’s him. The nicest guy, loves the world.

Miss Bingley—Bingleys sister, very rich and beautiful —she thinks she’s witty. Wants to marry Darcy. 

Charlotte Lucas—Lizzie’s friend, down to earth with a good sense of humour.

Mr Collins—cousin to the Bennett girls, a sweaty, self important clergyman who never quite finds the right word to say. Looking to marry. Toady to Lady Catherine.

Various servants, played by one person. 

Apart from Lizzy and Darcy, all roles may be doubled up where one actor plays more than one role, and possibly more than one gender.

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