Evolution Auditions
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Auditions August 7, 2021 at 11am

Rehearsals start September 14

Performs December 2-12

We are seeking:

AGNES (20s-30s) - The protagonist. A 24 year-old woman, a very average in every way high-school English teacher.

TILLY (Teens-20s) - Agnes’ sixteen year-old sister. About as different to Agnes as possible. A total badass, she’s into magic, dragons and the vanquishing of evil.

CHUCK (Teens-20s) - A nerdy, grungy teen Dungeon Master.

LILITH/LILLY (Teens-20s) - A leather-clad Demon Queen fighter character questioning her sexuality.

KALIOPE/KELLY (Teens-20s) - A Dark Elf rogue character. A supermodel who is incredibly strong.

ORCUS/RONNIE (Teens-20s) - The Demon Overlord of the Underworld. Truly evil, he likes his TV shows. Also plays a high-school student.

VERA (20s-30s) - Agnes’ best friend. Works as a student counsellor at the same high school.

STEVE (Teens-20s) - The Mighty Mage Steve! In real life he is one of Tilly's classmates. Dies a lot.

MILES (20s-30s) - Agnes’ boyfriend of two years and 18 months. Like Agnes he’s pretty average. He appears in the game as a shapeshifting "gelatenous blob" that Agnes must kill.

EVIL GABBI / EVIL TINA (Teens-20s) - Cheerleader succubi that torment Tilly, in particular about her sexuality, both in the game and when she was alive. They are based on Tilly's high school bullies.

FARRAH THE FAERIE (Teens-20s) - A fairy and one of the bosses Agnes and her party must face before they can reach the final boss.

2-4 MONSTER EXTRAS (Any age) - To play a variety of monstrous roles.