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Evolution Auditions
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A Pantomime (Panto) is a musical comedy take on an old, traditional fairy-tale. Made up of slapstick comedy, witty puns, word play, chase scenes, messy scenes, song and dance, and plenty of audience participation. The audience is prompted from their seats by the cast. Panto was developed in England and is traditionally performed around the Christmas holidays for family entertainment.  Plenty of silly jokes and fun for the young children, but also lots of adult humour that will sail over the heads of the little ones. 

Sleeping Beauty is based on the Original tale of a princess that is cursed by a wicked fairy to die. A good fairy is able to change the curse to sleep for 100 years to be woken eventually by the kiss of a true prince.  Keeping with Panto tradition, there is a Dame (played by a male).


5-8 December 2024


Begin 27 August

Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:30 - 9:00pm


Sundays 2:00pm - 5:00pm

Technical Rehearsals 2, 3, 4 Dec 6:00-10:30pm

Roles are unpaid.

Each actor is entitled to two comp tickets.

Directed by Paula Hatten

Musical Director: Sean Scanlan

Choreographer: Paul Hawikirangi

Auditions 8 June from 1:00pm - 4:00pm

Callbacks 9 June from 10:00am -  1:00pm

You must REGISTER to attend.


BILLY. A key comic character, Billy needs to have plenty of pace and must establish a strong rapport with the audience. He can be played either on the young side, or older - although he should have a degree of boyish charm. A good singing voice would be a bonus, but it is not essential.


KING NORBERT. Of middle years and with a bluff, slightly military energy. Needs a degree of authority, a good sense of comic timing, verbal dexterity, and a reasonable singing voice.


QUEEN DOROTHY. The Dame and written to be played by a man. She has a sunny, happy go lucky disposition. It is important that the actor has an inner warmth and is confident and relaxed with the audience. This is a comic role and it is vital that the actor also has a good sense of the ridiculous coupled with natural comic timing.  


KITTY. A silent part - great for a young performer, who moves well, but doesn’t like to sing! Shy, but mischievous and capable of big, childlike swings in mood. Great fun to play.


FAIRY PEACEFUL. Needs a degree of level headed sincerity, and so an underlying twinkle. She should be able to sing and dance with surprising gusto in the Village Scene.


CARABOSSE. Can be played by a woman or a man. Carabosse is a great baddy role and a splendid opportunity for a mature actor to revel in wickedness. Does not need a beautiful voice, but she must be able to sing a number with confidence and attack.  


SPINDLESHANKS. Sexy, glamorous, a cat who is much more human than feline. She is childishly competitive, keen to be wicked, but has a sort of kooky charm. She should be able to move and dance with confidence with a good singing voice.


PRINCESS AURORA. She is open and likeable. Alert to the possibilities of romance, she is trusting, yet inquisitive. A good singing voice is important.


PRINCE ORLANDO. Dashing and handsome, with a slightly hesitant charm. This role can be played by a boy or a girl,  A good singing voice is important. 

CHORUS.  Mixed gender. Includes three small fairy roles, palace servants, courtiers, villagers and zombies. Must sing and dance. 


Please make an appointment for your vocal audition using the registration form. You would do well to prepare a short number that presents you in the best light for the character you wish to play.  You may bring a backing track on your phone or other Bluetooth device or sheet music.  If you do not have a prepared piece, we will give you something to sing. 

Following vocal auditions you will be asked to cold read from the script with a group of other auditionees. 


Please come dressed for light physical movement. 

Check out our Audition Tips page to get some pointers. 

Interested in how shows are cast? Download and read our casting policy. 

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