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What's On

10-20 August
  Thursday, Friday, Saturdays 7:30pm
Sundays at 4pm

Tickets: Adults $30,
Youth and Seniors $25

Set against the backdrop of late 1940’s to early 1950’s the fiery Kate has been enjoying her independence while the boys have been away at war. Now they are home is she meant to give it all up, throw on a frumpy dress and make aspic moulds just because that is what her family expects? Just because her stubborn father wont let her vapid and sought after little sister marry until Kate marries – Is that her problem? Not on your life! But who is this handsome rebel, Petruchio, come to town? That swagger. That confidence. But is he a mad man? Is this love at first sight? Well, she’s not giving in – not without a fight!

While this play is rated E for Everyone, there are some bawdy jokes that some may find offensive. So, you know....Shakespeare!

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