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Audition Tips
Tips for an outstanding audition


Be on time for your audition (which means 5-10 minutes before your scheduled time). 


An audition is like a job interview, so dress as if you want the job. Wear shoes that allow for fluid movement and will not make excessive noise on stage.

Material Selection

Select monologues that showcase your talent and provide contrast (comedic/dramatic, villianous/romantic, etc.). You know your capabilities better than anyone, so find the pieces that are right for you! While there is a two-minute maximum, there is no minimum time. Sometimes, less is more. Look for pieces that speak to the roles you desire.

Be Prepared

A physical and vocal warm-up before an audition can make all the difference. Practice your greeting and introduction, and remember to breathe and smile.  And have a copy of your headshot and resumé available.

Have Fun!

The auditors are cheering for you — we want you to be great. So go ahead and make our day!

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