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Attending the Theatre

About the Venue

Evolution Theatre is located at 75 Disraeli Street.  

Parking is available on the street, as well as on the left hand side of the Graham and Dobson parking lot across the street, so long as it is outside of their business hours.

Evolution Theatre seats approximately 70-80 people, depending on the size of the stage and the needs of the play.  Seating is general admission, and not assigned. Sometimes we like to have one fewer chairs than tickets sold, just to see what will happen.  

The theatre is wheelchair accessible.  Please let us know if you have special seating requirements (i.e. if you have trouble seeing or hearing, or need a special wheelchair location). "This chair makes my bum ouchy" is not an acceptable reason for needing a special seat accomodation. Plus, the seats are pretty nice! 


The box office opens 45 minutes prior to show time. The house opens for seating 30 minutes prior to show time. Our hearts and minds are open 24/7/365.

Beverages and snacks are available for sale. We will gladly serve beer and wine to persons with proper identification.  No ID - no alcohol - no exceptions.  If you are 70 years old, and look 35, we are still going to ask for your ID.  And your secret!

ETC is a completely smoke-free facility.  As an educational institution, this is a part of our core values.

After you have checked in on Facebook and posted to SnapChat or Instagram, please silence all electronic devices.  We want you to be with us in the moment! 

Please unwrap any hard candies or cough drops prior to the start of the show. That crinkling sound makes us crazy! 

Photography and videography are strictly prohibited. If you want shots of the cast in their costume, an opportunity will present itself after the show. We will make photos available to cast members for their own use and social media.  You can steal them off of their Facebook pages later.   

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