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Meet our 2023 Sponsors and Donors

These are the foundations, companies, and individuals that make Evolution possible. We are eternally grateful for their support!

"I can no answer make but thanks, thanks, and ever thanks!" ~ William Shakespeare

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Considering a sponsorship or gift? Check out our corporate sponsorship page, or make a donation now!

Galaxies $1000+

Dinna Myers

Brent Fafeita

Super Novas $500+

Elizabeth Boyce

Dave Henderson

Novas $250+

Amber and Neil Aitkenhead

Jan Crawford

Comets $100+

Hugo and Liz McGuiness

Robert Fergueson

Jo Noble

Kirsty Ellis

Russell McLeod

Metz family Metz
Judith Hayes
Diane Bailey
Pat Seymour
Norman Weiss Diana Whakapapa
Eileen Voysey

Twinkles $20+

Manawa Harrison

Amber Aitkenhead

Diane Cousins

Mary Caughley

Mathew Hatten

Private Donor

Larisa Hockey

Pam Devine

K J Osullivan

Suzanne Bull

Jo McKay

Maia Ingoe

Paula Hatten

Kathy Grimson

Christina Halverson

Heidi and Trev Rice

Elysha Memon

John Partington

Ann Stannard

Private Donor

Belinda Mackay

Private Donor

Eileen Lee

Pascale Delos

Suzan Anderson

Jessica Keast

Robyne Mckeague

Private Donor

Steve Webb

Private Donor

Caleb Collier

A big thank you to the Tairawhiti Community members who stepped up and help us rebuild our costume jewellery connection after the theft.  You are amazing!  Not all the names are listed here as some donations were anonymous.

Jean McIntosh • Marie Murphy • Robyn Dear • Verve Cafe • Judith Hayes •  Ruth McLennan

Diane Brown • Prim Stevenson • Susan Newdick • Tracy Robinson • Heather Rattray • Jenny Horne • Pascale Delos • Jennifer Pere-Heta • Nikki Henderson • Gaynor Rogers • Rheneta • Rhonda • and Luraine

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