Dame Agatha Christie's

Mousetrap 2.jpg

What's it about?

A newly-opened guesthouse is snowed in and amongst the seemingly ordinary gathering of guests, a killer lurks. Having already killed once, the murderer strikes again. The tension is razor sharp: everyone is a suspect; everyone a potential victim. One by one the characters reveal their pasts, and a complex web of deceit and suspicion emerges. But who will be next, and who is the killer?

September 2-12, 2021

Tickets $35 for Adults

$29 for Seniors

$25 for Youth 17 and Under 

What you need to know:

  • Tickets are available now by purchasing online, or Gisborne iSite, or at the theatre 45 minutes prior to the show.

  • You can get lots of information about the venue here.

  • There will be one 15-minute interval.

  • This production is rated E for Everyone.