ETC is proud to welcome "The Man"
One night only!  January 31 at 7:30pm.

One reviewer says...

"The show champions the notion of free speech while demonstrating how uncomfortable that reality can be. This is after all Speakers’ Corner. The street sign on the back wall, the only piece of set, tells us so. The show is woven together masterfully. Subjects intertwine and clever call-backs reinforce the notion of a consummate orator standing on a soapbox in the park.

The man behind The Man is erudite, and sophisticated. The comedy is visceral, bawdy, risque and cerebral. The show is a sublime work which alluringly balances laughs and jolting observational challenges. The audience seem vitalised as they leave. Chatting about what they’ve just seen. Thoroughly and wonderfully entertained and somewhat disturbed by The Man."

Set at Speakers Corner in Londons Hyde park "The Man" is a minimalist solo show that uses a mashup of standup comedy and Brectian style theatrics to explore the idea of a modern jester holding court to his fellow citizens with dark and playful wit.


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